May 17, 2016

God of War Collection Part IV: Portable Port on a Home Console.

Chains of Olympus is a Prequel to God of War, but a Sequel to Ascension.
This is a PSP Game Ported to PS3... so, right out of the bat I must mention that it's shorter, graphically inferior to GoW III, which was the last GOW game I played.

Is the To Go version of GoW just as good as its Big Ass Console cousins? Let's find out:

You are Kratos and you're on duty by the gods to stop a Persian Invasion... Roll Clip!

so, Kratos fights off the Basilisk

*ahem!* Then Morpheus... don't even think about it, Spike! as I was saying Morpheus puts everyone to sleep and now you need to find Helios to wake everyone up. No, you do NOT SEE Morpheus in this game. You are haunted by your daughter, though.

Music and voices:

God of War has a decent soundtrack going on, so there is not much to mention here. The voice cast is decent... Charon, the Ferryman is Howling Mad... Kratos' Daughter, Calliope is Jimmy Neutron.

As a PSP game, there were some changes to the controls, which makes the game a bit awkward to play in a home console... but the controls are similar enough to the big console games to not confuse you THAT much.


Since this is a PSP game (slightly less powerful than a PS2) port, the graphics are not up to PS3 Standards. For a PSP game

You've played any GoW game, you KNOW what to expect, hack&slash combat, some mild puzzles, QTEs


Chains of Olympus gets a 7.9, which is NOT BAD, but due to it being a PSP game, it KINDA FEELS LIKE a slightly watered down GoW game. Ghost of Sparta is the final GoW game to end this series...

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