May 1, 2016

Holy Bat shaped Crutch, Warner! and other odds and ends

So, the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman movie is happening and a set photo shows a vehicle with the Wayne Enterprises Logo.  This does not Equal a Batman Cameo... I expect one, because DC is relying on Batman as a crutch, and not making an organic integration of the characters into a Cinematic Universe. The Bat-shaped Crutch is the "Glue" that is holding the DCCU together.
That Wayne Enterprises Truck may simply BE a Wayne Enterprises Truck, but with the way DC made their move, I wouldn't put it past them to have Affleck as Wayne or Batman to have AT LEAST a Cameo in WW. He WILL HAVE an appearance (more than a cameo) in Suicide Squad. I'd bet that he WILL APPEAR in at least either Flash or Aquaman. Batman is starting to look like someone from the Marvel side... I ain't gonna say who he is, so stop asking, bub!

You know the whole Harriet Tubman $20 Controversy, right? Replacing that Ex Persidential Dick, Andrew Jackson with the Underground Railroad Hero, Harriet Tubman... I think it's a stupid idea!
Now before you get your SJW gender neutral panties in a twist hear me out.
Yes, Jackson was a dick, Trail of Tears and all that. Him being against the Federal Reserve and being on a Federal Reserve note is Punishment enough for him, but I'm not using that as a reason for Tubman not being in it...

My reasoning is this: It's more offensive to have a Slave on a currency note that is of LESS VALUE THAN A PIZZA. You know the whole Slaves are not people mentality that existed back then? We'll be perpetuating Tubman's slave status by immortalizing her as a slave on currency. And I'm betting that Racist folks will have a field day by calling the $20 the Negro (or it's more colorful term), or the slave (if they want to mock PC Culture). A Woman who fought to be treated as a Human Being instead of an Object will be immortalized by becoming an object to be traded for OTHER Objects... Think about it ATMs will be dealing "slaves". People will be trading "slaves" for drugs, pizza, or whatever. Videogames now a day are on the $60+... so, a game would be worth "3 slaves" + taxes!

It looks like the people rallying for this didn't think this one through... I'm all up for commemorating the hell out of Harriet Tubman, but not this way; it's Offensive to Tubman's legacy!

Cheerleading is now Offensive...
At least this poster caused a "massive outrage" that forced the squad to remove this poster.

I don't get the issue with the poster.
"Body shaming"? Cheerleaders MUST BE FIT! They need to be lightweight and athletic in order to do some of their cheerleading tricks. The lighter the cheerleader, the higher she can be tossed and is able to do some extra twirls with the extra air time. A squad of Heavier Cheerleaders will not have the fancy air stuff.

The bare midriffs? Most cheerleading outfits have them. Thing is, bare midriffs look better on Athletic people. Fluffy people have these things called fat rolls that flap around and jiggle when jumping

The focus on appearance (Hairstyles permitted, make-up, no visible tattoos etc.) is part of the cheerleading image. Just like certain jobs have an image.
If you have enough piercings to look like Pinhead, can pass off as a Hutt if you strip and have more tats than a gas station bathroom wall has graffiti and your hairstylist gave you the Gary Oldman on the 5th Element hairstyle, then you will NOT BE HIRED for certain jobs. Cheerleading is one of those. Just like being a man will not let you serve wings at Hooters.

It's reality. Yes, some fat people have more spirit than some cheerleaders, but Spirit is the last thing on peoples' minds when watching cheerleaders do their thing...

Let's face it, cheerleading is Dance + Gymnastics with a hint of modelling. It's the Gymnastics part that requires lithe frames.

Think of it this way: Cheerleading is a safe space for thin, athletic, with the attributes that society deems aesthetically pleasing to dance and prance. You wouldn't add a man to a female only safe space, right?

More Just us League news! Batman and Sir-Loser-Lot's Creator will have full Control of Ben Affleck's Solo movie!
Flash just lost its director.
Let's see how these develop...

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