May 16, 2016

For the Honor of BARBIE!?

Seems that Mattel has a Trick up their sleeves and teased us with this image:

Filmation Weed Breastplate in pleather
Chromed Sword of Protection
Chromed Sword to Shield
Pleather golden boots.
Oversized Stitches...

Do you know what this means?
She-Ra Doll is coming.
Based on the higher number of pleather and chromed items, I may guess this will be a collectors doll...
Will it be Limited Edition, Silver Label, or any other Barbie Collection terms to make her appear more valuable?

She could also NOT BE A BARBIE PRODUCT...
She could be for the Everafter High line and use the "High" bodies. I hope not.

This looks like it'll be a bit expensive... Now if they would just confirm Snake Mountain...

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