May 3, 2016

It came from Shapeways Rune Blade of Power

The Rune Blade... A sword you picked up around Nibelheim. Heh! Square, I see what you did there! Sorry! It's a force of habit... playing too much FFVII in my youth and all that.

There's a piece of Fan Art of He-Man or King Grayskull holding a Power Sword with various runes engraved on the blade.

Well, Evil Mike decided to make a 3D Printed version of that sword.
And that's what we ended up with...
No, not the FFVII Rune Blade!!

This! The Rune Sword of Power!!!
It's basically the Power Sword with a more elaborate Hilt and Runes across the blade.
Since it's a Shapeways 3D Printed item, it comes unpainted and you paint it however you feel like.

He-Ro is still in storage, so Nefty-kun will have
to do.
Seeing that it's a Rune Blade, I thought that it would be better suited to a Wizard or Mage. In my fan continuity the Power Sword changes shape with its user. So, I took elements from He-Ro, mainly the gold color and Sparkly blue to paint the blade in... It's a Magical blade so the Shiny Blue can be excused. The Runes I painted with GITD Paint and at night they glow faintly... when exposed to light earlier. Sadly my camera cannot capture the GITD in action.
I know that the colors might seem a bit garish at first, but Magenta, Green and Orange power Swords are alright... So a faded Gold and Blue Power Sword isn't that insane.
Then again, you can paint it however you want to!!

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