May 2, 2016

Odds and Ends Dos de Mayo: 3 days until 5... Then Civil War!!

The stupid LeBron James Space Jam 2 rumor surfaced once again!

Take that and replace the dated 90s people with LeBron and modern era people... Melissa McCarthy replaces Bill Murray, yo!

Looks like things just got real for the Topangaborn!!

Season 3 Starts in June... Let's see what Disney will do with the show.

Avoid the new PPG like the plague!!

Show's bad, mmmkay!! If you like this show, you're bad, mmmkay!
I'd rather watch Uncle Grandpa AND TEEN TITANS GO than this!!

Civil War is coming this week... Review will be up after I see it... and if I'm to believe my Mexican Friends, I must see this!!

Kit Harington is still playing Bitchface Snow and apparently, he's back from the dead on the show... We have to wait until Georgie Slow ass R.R. Martin lets him live on the books.

You know, if you're a MOTUC subscriber, remember that Darius AND Nightstalker ship this month... Unless we get another delay. Vultaks have shipped and people are beginning to receive them... Wonder when mine will show up.

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