May 8, 2016

Mother's Day without a Mother sucks...

I normally keep my personal life far away from the House of Rants, but I kinda need to vent today.
This freaking sucks... Biggest mistake I've made? Started rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist

So here's a list of people... *ahem* Fictional People who are having a really sucky Mother's day too!

Stephanie Tanner:
Why Stephanie and not DJ or Michelle?
DJ BECAME A MOTHER and Michelle didn't really got to know her mother. Stephanie on the other hand GOT TO KNOW HER MOTHER AND spoilers from Fuller House, is unable to be a mother.  Also any excuse to reuse that Steph Pic makes my day!!

As well as using this as a reply to boobs!

Bruce Wayne:
Come on! you KNOW I HAVE TO MAKE FUN OF SAVE MARTHA somewhere...

I mean, come on! IT'S BATMAN! OF course he still has hang-ups about his dead parents...

Especially Martha.

The Elric Brothers:
Especially the Nano-sized Hyper Pipsqueak of a Micro Human Edward.

All jokes aside, think about it. Their mother died and they tried to bring her back.

Eh, screw this... I can't be stuck moping around! I've got some TMNT PORN to watch... They actually made a TMNT Por Parody... Now I fear a MOTU Porn Parody... It'd be a 90% gay movie and I mean gay as in Homosexual... Think about it a MOTU Porn Parody would be the gayest gay movie ever... They wouldn't even need to make parody names with Fisto or Ram Man... The question is Will the TMNT Porn be better than Michael Bay's TMNT? Should I order Pizza?

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