May 16, 2016

My top picks If MOTUC Were to End in 2017

Near SDCC Time means the yearly Doom and Gloom is coming... Matty's Transparency is near invisibility and Rumors have been going on around facebook and forums about Mattel kinda wanting to back out of Snake Mountain and that there might not be a MOTUC presence at SDCC.

There are tons of figures that I want (a complete NA roster including some core Cartoon characters), mini comic characters, Filmation characters, Certain 200X variants, and other kinds of figures... thinking of Space eggs here... And the key piece being Snake Mountain.

BUT Let's PRETEND 2017 is THE FINAL FINAL YEAR. (Better get that Snake Mountain)

These are the top figures I'd hope to see in a 2017 sub... Filmation variants can go eat a bag of...

OK, Cap... I'll try!

These not necessarily may be your top picks and I'd love to see which ones are my readers' picks. This time I'm saying Fornicate balance and what's popular... This list is fueled  by Greed... Not the Homunculus, so save those FMA links for another rant, Spike!

So, my Top Figures, Vehicle and Steed.

Standard Figure Picks (I'll pick 8 because that covers the 6 bimonthlies, 1 sub exclusive and 1 chase):
Master Sebrian
I have Mentioned Before that Master Sebrian is an Important Character to have from New Adventures. I am picking him over Kayo, since Sebrian is harder to customize. (Aside the Weapons that can be made via Shapeways, we pretty much have the Pieces for him... Headwise, we could look at the NECA area...)


I have made a rant on how easy he is to make for Mattel already, I mentioned how we lack Power Tour Representation... I just simply want a Spoony Bard that is not Bow and that looks more glamour and glitter fashion and fame than Jem herself. I know Truly Outrageous, Truly, truly, truly outrageous!

Villain turned Good Guy, first Seen on the Popular Filmation Episode: The Witch and the Warrior. Sure! He needs a lot of new tooling, but he has more appearances than Nepthu...

Mini comic villain that if rumors are true, the Horsemen already sculpted him. Rather plin looking body, so multiples could be used for customs... Also his mask looks very MK-3 Like... Thinking Ninjor 2.0 custom...

Garn (Filmation)
We pretty much have what we need to make him. Parts from Nepthu, Sea Hawk can be reused. (All he'd need is new feet, loincloth, head...) I prefer the Filmation look over the Mini Comic look...

Again, MY LIST, MY WANTS. I've been campaigning for Josh for quite some time and I'd like to have him in Classics. Dilute the Etherian Clambake... Just as Mara and Crita will dilute the Tri Solar Sausagefest.

No Neitlich, more reason to do her. Not only it being an olive branch to Emiliano Santalucia, but it's a frigging Blue elf chick! That's badass, not to mention that she killed Spector...

King Miro (200x Outfit)
He completes the Royal Family and while I have the IBMMT Filmation Miro head and forced myself to make a custom Miro. An official Mattel Miro would be most welcome. I chose the 200X Look, because that's how he appears on the MOTUC mini comic. (It's also easier for Mattel to make)

No contest... If I'm going to have Jitsu and Fisto Jousting, both need their robo-horsies! (My Plan B was a tie between Clawdeen and Mantisaur)
Land Shark
I LOVE The Dragon Walker, BUT the Heroic Warriors have: Wind Raider, Talon Fighter, Battle Ram (the Heroic half came with Sky High) The bad Guys have the front half of the Battle Ram and MAYBE Roton (If Mattel doesn't back out) So if only ONE MORE VEHICLE CAN BE MADE, then The Land Shark it is. I had one as a kid and I want one as an Adult.

Other Items: I know this is pushing it but, what the heck! it's speculation (SDCC, Secondary Large Item like say a 2 pack, Power Con Repaints)

200X He-Man vs 200X Skeletor
Yes, I will keep campaigning for those two variants. He-Man is pretty much done (All he'd need is a new Loincloth or removable belt and Harness) Skeletor would need a few more pieces (Head, Loincloth, Forearms and Greaves) Mostly because having a final thank you  preferably in Comic con

I will campaign for More NA, because I've learned to love NA thanks to the Horsemen... Also a 4 Armed Centaur that He-Man can ride into battle is crazy awesome!

Power Con and your Repaints/no new sculpts... I TECHNICALLY am not a fan of these being exclusive to the con, but I'd be VERY TEMPTED to buy these if they were made.

200X Roboto
Basically Roboto with Blast Attak Forearms for dual wielding action, Horde Trooper Lower legs and feet in 200X Roboto colors. Sure the Armor is not there, but shapeways Masters can deal with that.

Battle Damaged Faker
Basically Faker with the BD Head from NA Skeletor and Removable Left Arm like Filmation Hordak. Make his armor fuschia for the Leo Faker Look.

Basically an Entrapta Repaint in Castaspella-esque colors with Casta's head.

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