May 13, 2016

Guile's theme goes with Everything... What did they do to you!?

Guile is here!!! Now we can go home and be Family Men!! At last!

WHAT THE @#!%^ did they do to Guile's theme!?
I can't believe I'm saying this, but SFIV's sounds better than this.
But everyone knows that the REAL Guile Theme is this:
and it goes with Everything:

But back to Guile. He's Guile. I have to admit that I was afraid they'd change Guile from a Charge Character to a quarter circle style, but he's a charge character alright! It almost felt like slipping in an old pair of shoes. Unfortunately, the game is still half-baked and if you don't do Online vs, then it's slightly more useful than Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5!! Coincidence? I think not!!

SERIOUSLY, Guile's Story Mode doesn't even have a Guile vs. Bison match...

Now to roll in the Bison Clip

Let's see what the supposed June Update will bring...

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