May 5, 2016

Underoos! The Movie: A Civil War Rant.

I saw Captain America 3: Civil War... So, I will discuss it...
There will be some Spoilers:

So, avoid reading until you've seen the movie.

The Movie was good, I'd dare say a LOT BETTER than Batkilla vs Subparman: Yawn of Just us.
I can hear the DC fanboy saying: AHA! I KNEW YOU WERE A MARVEL TARD!! Derka Derka!! Disney makes Kiddie movies! DC is hardcore and deep... *cough*Bull!*cough*
I've never denied that I'm more of a Marvel fan. Just like I won't deny that DC has RECENTLY become darker...
Do I need to point out the... Spike! Show the pic!!

The movie is good. We're familiar with most of the cast, due to their appearances in previous movies... From The Incredible Hulk all the way to Antman and Age of Ultron. That allows for some character development time for some of the new players.

Sadly there is no SAVE MARTHA!! in this movie. Though there is a Mother reference between Cap and Bucky.
Aunt May is a total AILF in the movie... Even Tony doesn't stop bringing up how much of a hottie Aunt May is. Yes, Aunt May is so Freaking Hot that we get a LOT of Commentary on her hotness...

The battles are pretty awesome... Underoos rocks! Falcon kicks ass! Ant Man does some awesome stuff! Panther, Cap, Bucky, Tony... The list could go on!

The issue about superpowered beings uh, being unchecked is managed marginally better than BvS.

The Bad:
The main problem with some of Marvel's movies rears it's ugly head again: The villain is the weaker element here. Baron Zemo's motivations for his plans are kinda valid, but feel very weak as a reason for him to become this supervillain...
Aunt May has very little screen time...
Underoos has little Screen time and we have to wait one more year until his movie comes out.

Watch the movie and judge it for your self.

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