Apr 27, 2017

Super 7 News...

Welp! My wallet was caught off-guard... Curse Next Week's theme! I blew part of my Toy Budget for April AND May on the items coming out of the Toy Chest...

Save the date for the Pre-Orders for
Classics and Filmation Figures...
What did you say, mother$%^&?
You don't care about Aliens! I'mma
bitchslap yo ass!
The Ultimates will be shipping by the end of June (Ignore the 6/31 mistake)

That's pretty much it because I do not care about Aliens...

Seems like the whole Single Carded Horde Trooper Rumor is a Mattel Ploy to screw over Super 7... well, that's what I would say if Mr. Thinskin was still Managing Matty... (R.I.P.)

But here's a hint of what's coming out of the Toy Chest

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