Apr 24, 2017

Nintendo is axing the NES Classic... Is it time for SNES Classic?

The super hard to find NES Classic has been axed. The final shipments have been sent to some stores, so basically, if you see one in the wild, this may be your final chance to get one.

Here's the thing: The NES Library is so big that just one console isn't enough... Especially when there is a SECOND version of the NES that could use a release... I'm talking about the Top Loader aka NES 2...
IF they were to make this one, here's the 30 games I'd like to see:

-StarTropics2 Zoda's Revenge
-Castlevania 3
-Metal Gear
-Snake's Revenge
-Wrecking Crew
-Bad Dudes
-Bad Dudes 2
-Double Dragon
-Kung Fu
-Mega Man
-Mega Man 3
-Mega Man 6
-Ikari Warriors
-Mighty Final Fight
-Karate Champ
-Yoshi's Cookie
-Wario's Woods
-Super Pitfall
-Rad Racer
-Blades of Steel
-Joe & Mac
-Urban Champion
-Super Dodgeball
-River City Ransom

I must admit that it was super hard to pull off 30 games that weren't licenses... (Otherwise I would have added the 3 TMNT games) and since the Main Mario and Zelda games were in V1, I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get some of these, which kinda explains WHY the NES 2 Classic isn't happening... I'm Guessing that the SNES Classic would be far more easier to reach 30 games:

Let's find out:
-Super Mario All Stars + SMW
-Super Mario Kart
-Yoshi's Island SMW2
-The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
-Super Metroid
-Super Punch Out!!
-Chrono Trigger
-Final Fantasy VI (III in the US)
-Secret of Mana
-Super Castlevania IV
-Castlevania Dracula X
-Contra III Alien Wars
-Legend of the Mystical Ninja
-Super Street Fighter II
-MegaMan X
-MegaMan 7
-Fatal Fury Special
-Art of Fighting
-Breath of Fire
-Breath of Fire II
-Bust a Move
-Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars
-Mortal Kombat II
-Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
-Super Bomberman
-SGradius III

This one was a lot easier to fill up and yes, if you noticed, 2 games are multi game, uh games, so it bumps up the total to 35 games... There were a few games left out due to Rare being now a part of Microsoft and that's why there's no DK Country, Killer Instinct or Battletoads. Funny thing is that if an official one shows up and it has FFVI, Chrono Trigger, MMX, SSFII, LoZ:ALLTP, and Super Metroid, I'm already sold on it.

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