Apr 2, 2017

Eureka Seven is getting the EVA treatment

I have mentioned Eureka Seven a few times here and it's mostly been how much Ass-trail Ocean sucks Ass and that no matter how you add a Ranma Reference I won't truly love Ao... Mentioned the Pokémon version of Nirvash on the soulless cashgrab that was the movie. I've also mentioned that E7 Reeks of EVA Clone (More obvious in Asstrail Ocean)

Well, here you have the Rebuild of Evange Eureka Seven. Seriously, STOP COPYING EVA so you won't be called a CLONE!! but 3 movies 1 per year starting 2017... Hopefully the English cast will return, cause It would suck if they change the cast... (I needs me some Whiny Black Ranger)

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