Apr 7, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: JDF's Talking Dagger...

Since I mentioned Jason David Frank and Talking Dagger, this one is easy to deduce...

At least it's not the White Power clip
but yeah, I'm talking about Saba the Talking Tiger Saber Collectible by Bandai...
I was on Vacay when I got this

It's heavy, since the Tiger head pommel is made in die cast metal. the Hilt seems to be a combination of Metal and Plastic, while the blade part is Plastic, due to this being a Toy/Collectible item.

 Unlike the Red Ranger Helmet, this one feels a bit more deluxe (and frankly, this one seems more worthy of a higher price tag than the helmet)

It also sports Electronics. Saba talks, growls, it's jaw moves up and down, it also has fighting sounds (clangs and swooshs!) The eyes light up and it even plays the Power Rangers theme... I am a bit disappointed on this last one since this is the WHITE RANGER'S Talking Saber and it should have played this instead:

I forgot to mention that the blade extends a little bit.

It really is a Nice piece... It would've been better if we had a White Ranger Helmet to display with... (I know the JDF Morpher and the Communicator are Expensive as Hell... Then again, the Normal Morpher is super expensive in the secondary market.)

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