Apr 26, 2017

Um, uh, Goldblum, uh, Goldblum is returning to um, Jurassic Park 5!

Dr Malcolm returns to Jurassic World 2... eh... I would've preferred having Doctor Grant being back on the island and interact with Chris Pratt's character whose name is not important right now... but yeah! Jeff Goldblum is back! I hope he meets an even bigger pile...

seeing that JW wants to outdo JP.

Seth Rogen will be in The Lion King, not really Live Action? I honestly don't know how to feel about that... I mean, Seth Rogen + Disney? He's not exactly Child Friendly...

Yes, I'm aware he was in Monsters vs Aliens, but Seriously, this is almost as bad as having Jason Mewes on a Kid's show...

OK, normally, I avoid world news or political stuff unless it's very odd, but Wild Boars killed 3 Members of ISIS and injured 5. This is some sort of devious coincidence if you think about it. In Islam as well as Judaism, Pork is considered an unclean meat.

Mandatory Lion King Reference is Mandatory...
Now, while not as impressive as Trump's MOAB, from a number of casualties point, the fact that a sounder of boar... (I googled it) went GI Joe on terrorists is rather funny... Especially seeing that Swine are insulted in both the Quran and Bible. And yes, I pictured a sounder of Boar dressed as GI Joes attacking ISIS while the GI Joe theme played in the background. 

The oddities keep piling up... Now guess who's getting a biopic?

Yup, Vincent Kennedy McMahon... The question I have is WHO WILL PLAY Vince?

This better make it to the movie... But the sequel needs THIS!

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