Apr 25, 2017

First thoughts on FFXV AKA Final Fantasy Road trip!

've been playing Final Fantasy XV for the past two weeks. I've racked up 50 hours and apparently I'm halfway through the game and feels like I've done nothing other than side quests. When I found out I was halfway through the game, I began to force myself into doing more sidequests to justify the $40 price tag on the game. FFVII Remake is scaring me a bit now that I have played XV.

I'm not too sold on the battle system. I have a few issues with Magic... So far all I have is fire, thunder and ice and they don't seem to do much... but I don't rely much on magic here, since it's odd... I know I'll need it in later chapters and all that. Now there's one thing that annoys the heck out of me...
Summons. Let me give you an example: Freaking Ramuh won't show up for a boss battle where the monster is kicking my ass, but when fighting a Level 1 Scorpion, Lightning Stalker Grandpa is all "Lemme at em!"

So far I have Titan and Ramuh. Only seen Titan once. Then Lightning Stalker Grandpa decides to show up at every weak battle I have. NOT HELPFUL AT ALL!!

This is the most disappointing FF Fanfare ever... Did I mention I find Prompto annoying? Well, this is one of the few times I can stand him... but then he does this:

But there's someone else that gets on my nerves more than Prompto...

But the guys at Smosh Games got this game down to a T.

Don't get me wrong, I'm having a bit of fun with it, but it's making me more worried about VII's Remake more than anything. The story here is 20-hours long and everything else is filler. If they're splitting off VII into three, and seeing how XV is... I fear that the game will come out on PS5 or 6.

The story, eh... I had to see the Anime AND THE MOVIE before playing the game to get the story?
WHAT THE HELL!? Looks like I'll have to buy Kingslgaive... Not cool Squenix...

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