Apr 10, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Village People Reference not needed...

I'm reviewing an action figure of a deceased Superstar... Since I made a reference to The Village People, you must've guessed who I'm talking about... If not here's a pic of Fred Savage...

Now will this Austin Powers clip help you?

Have you connected the dots, or do I have to Snap into a Slim Jim?

Give Up? It's Randy Macho Man Savage! Heh! I forgot one clip... SPIIIIIIIIKE!!!

Since Bonesaw is E, now I can get on with the review.
Do I even need to explain who is Macho Man? If Hulk Hogan is Ryu, then Macho Man is Ken.
Or if you prefer the Miles Edgeworth to Hogan's Phoenix Wright... The Vegeta to Hogan's Goku. Some people even see Savage as a better embodiment of the 80s Wrestler than Hogan...

Unless you have flying stands or clear rubber bands, many of Macho Man's signature moves are hard to pull off, due to many of them being top rope moves and some grappling moves that are VERY HARD to pull off with the Mattel bodies. But his Articulation is literally the same as every Elite WWE Figure.

Paint and sculpt:
There is something off on Savage's face sculpt. It looks like a cartoon interpretation of him instead of him... Then again, he's been dead for 6 years, so it can be a bit hard to replicate his likeness without laser scanning. There is a bit of sloppy paint applications on mine. seems as his right boot slipped off a bit while applying the silver paint. Other than that he's OK... not great, OK

Removable shirt
Removable necklace
Removable Hat
Meh, 3.0

Macho Man gets a 3.5 as his final score. It's not bad, but he could've been better. If one were to make a head cast of this and sculpt custom wilder hair, then we could have a decent BONESAW custom to use with the Tobey-Man figures. IIRC there have been better Randy Savage figures, and I think there's a defining moments that's coming up soon as well.

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