Apr 6, 2017

CHiPs made me think about TV into movie Reboots...

They're going to need the other 6 to bring you back...
I saw CHiPs a few days ago and As I suspected it was made into a modern Buddy Cop movie. It made me realize a few things... I miss buddy cop movies... I'm not much of a Dax Shepard fan, but he was passable on this, but I found Michael Peña extremely hilarious... Especially when Peña meets Erik Estrada... (Mild Spoilers, Both Poncherellos, or is it Poncherelli meet and they... I'll save the details in order to avoid ruining the scene.) Also, Justin Chatwin appears on this movie... playing a heroin addict... What happens to him in the movie is not enough to justify the Crapping on Dragon Ball.

OK, I'm not going to review CHiPs because of it being a comedy of a show that I barely saw... It was an enjoyable ride, but CHiPs purists may have an issue or 10 with the movie.

I'm mostly going to mention that now that we have CHiPs as a movie, well... There's a few shows that have remained untainted... Knight Rider is still untainted since the 09 series was a sort of rebootquel.

So, OK: I USED TO wish we could get a MacGyver movie, but the TV Reboot actually killed the desire for me.

-TJ Hooker needs about 12 more years before it gets made and if the DO IT BY THEN, let Chris Pine star as TJ Hooker...

-Magnum P.I. is the one I'd be looking for, in part for Mom's sake, but I too want to see what they'd do to Magnum.

-Duude a Justin Lin Helmed Knight Rider would be Amazeballs!

-If they make a Renegade Movie, I suggest having Lorenzo Lamas as Dutch Dixon.

-Last but not Least: Dark Justice. A show that at least in my neck of the woods no one remembers.
So, a former Police Officer, DA, who ascended to Judge lost his faith in the system when his wife and daughter were killed and the murderer walks on a technicality. The judge decides to take Justice into his own hands and recruits a group people seeking to aid the judge in his quest for Justice.

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