Jul 25, 2017

Justn Bieber quits singing and may set up his own Church?

What? the. HELL? It's Cool that Bieber will quit Popular Music... The Church thing scares me. The kid was leaving the Nightmarish past of his when he refound his faith. He stopped being Outrageous for the sake of being Outrageous. I've made tons of jokes about Biebs, bad boy act.

If he's found his way in faith and that's pulling him out from his former circles, that's cool. If he wants to move unto Gospel, more power to him. The idea of him making a church scares me. No, it's not a Bieber Religion that he's creating, but a Church.

Some may think that it may be part of a money laundering scheme, but me? I'm more worried about the church becoming infested with Beliebers trying to meet their idol and not going for faith reasons.

I must admit that I'm not the most religious person, but I respect the idea of Church being a place of Worship. I'm a bit wary when celebrities NOT KNOWN for being Religious have this change of heart. It could be an honest change of heart, but the Setting up his own church thing raises a few red flags on him. If this change of heart is true, then it's a great thing for Justin.

Yes, I know it's weird to have a Rant about Bieber being Positive...

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