Jul 31, 2017

Bumblebee will now understand Basic Thuganomics.

Bumblebee, The Movie is happening ... What can I say about Bumblebee...

Yes, JOHN CENA!! *Lame trumpet sound* is now Bumblebee...
Did you threw up in your mouth a little bit? I know I did.

Really? Bumblebee is John Cena? I can almost see Bumblebee doing the 5 moves of doom on a Decepticon

Well, John Cena isn't as bad as making Spawn a Blumhouse movie... that's Truly Truly Outrageous! but seriously? John Cena as Bumblebee?
WHY? is John Cena in this?
This makes no sense at all, but Bayformers require of you to abandon your brain and logic.

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