Aug 1, 2017


Now the issue plaguing me is: Should I open them or keep them MOC.
*Cue in the Flynn sucks brigade*
"Flynn is a bearded Neitlich!" "Flyn is a lying sack of crap!" "We miss Scott!"

Yes, the packages SHOULD HAVE BEEN RESEALABLE. *I* would have waited a month or 2 more just to get resealable packages. Flynn chose to release them ASAP instead of waiting for a month or so to get it right.

But at least he owned up to that mistake... Not unlike a certain someone who does things with his tongue nocturnally... or to Knights. The guy that passed the buck, but this is not the time or place to beat a dead horse like the false spiritual guide of playthings.

The point here is that THE ULTIMATES ARRIVED yesterday... but the mailman didn't leave my package at my porch. So I had to pick them up today. 3 Days... Matty never delivered in 3 days and they were backed by a 7 Billion Dollar Company.

The issue is that I LOVE THE NEW PACKAGING (Wish it was resealable, though) and it feels SO RIGHT!! The Red Meteor Explosion on the starry blue sky SCREAMS MOTU so much more than the blegh MOTUC background.

While "it's fun" that Super7 will keep the MOTUC Package for normal MOTUC, the Ultimates are something else... I don't keep stuff MOC but I want to keep these MOC because they look like the vintage toys all grown up.

It depends on what I decide for them to come out of the Toy Chest or not...

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