Aug 10, 2017

Teensy Weensy Tiny Wimey Bit of Hope for Thundercats...

While I was writing an it came from the toy chest for a Warcraft toy, this little bit of news popped up on my Facebook feed:

A pic of a series of posts by Brian Flynn... The Super7 guy.

There might be a tiny bit of hope for Thundercats.

I REALLY Hope that this happens if Just to complete the CORE CORE CORE CORE Roster... Meaning:

For the Cats:
Tygra, who totally needs his bolo whip, hallucinogenic clip on plants and fruit. A second Partially aged Tygra from the Episode Trouble with Time. extra pair of hands is obvious toss in the chain of loyalty

Cheetara, who needs her staff. maybe the short version plugs to another piece to make the full staff. Aside the extra pair of hands, she could come in with Snarf and the Magic Flute.

Bengali... My most hated Cat. He's mostly a Tygra cheap clone, so he can come with his Hammer of Thundera, a broken sword of omens, the Bracelet of Power

Lynx-O, the blind Thundercat and completes the Team (sans Jaga) should come with his light shield, Mirror of truth and Jade Dragon (double headed dragon of doom). Extra hands are obvious.

For the Mutants:

Slithe, for obvious reasons, yessss. The usual for him his weapon, which we kinda got with Jackalman? extra hands. Snarfer

Vultureman, extra hands, Superpower Potion, His claw Weapon, Ma-Mutt

Monkian, extra hands, his mace, shield, a sound stone.

Mumm-Ra The Ever LIVING!! Extra hands, alternate Flared out cape, Fully unleashed Sword of Plundarr, Book of Omens, Silky, and Excalibur

Jaga and Grune could be an extra two pack just to get the corest of core out. IF I were forced to reduce this list to 4 characters only they'd be:
Tygra, Cheetara, Mumm-Ra, and Slithe. (Monkian and Vultureman Could be made out of custom MOTUC bucks.)

Now, let's not get too excited about this since it COULD BE a whole bunch of Nothing, but I hope we can AT LEAST get the corest of core T-Cats, just to have a complete team of cats and a Mumm-Ra.

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