Aug 6, 2017

So, I went back to revisit Miss Suzumiya...

Remember Haruhi Suzumiya? the Main antagonist  Character of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya... The anime series where this massive cun- bitch forces everyone to do her bidding because she's unknowingly, a god. She hopes of meeting an Alien, an Esper, and a Time Traveler... Then there's Kyon. He's a normie... a bit of a perv, but it's hard to not be tempted by Mikuru... Especially with all that Haruhi puts her through.

Too many Beach Balls!!

It's basically a slice of life anime but with some random events inadvertently caused by Haruhi.
She willed the bunch of weirdos that are part of the SOS Brigade together...

We have the Alien, Yuki Nagato, voiced by Michelle Ruff... Most know her as Rukia from Bleach... Me? Well, she has been Sakura Kasugano in Street Fighter Alpha anime, Crimson Viper in SF IV and V... Wait, she was Chiaki in the English dub of Zenki? Man, I wish I could watch Zenki, but the LatAm dub... She's an emotionless artificial human part of an alien Data Integration Thought Entity thing. She's there to observe and ensure that Haruhi's godlike powers don't go out of control, but by interfering the least amount possible.

Then we have the Esper, Creepy Koizumi... He basically enters Closed Spaces (Areas locked off from the rest of the world, where Haruhi's subconscious lashes out at the world via Celestials, which are Subconscious Kaiju created by Suzumiya.) If that sounds very Power Rangers like, then get ready for this... Koizumi is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch... Don't remind me about Eureka Seven, please...
the wound is still fresh... OK, Johnny Yong Bosh is

a freaking Power Ranger... Also, his character might be gay... Which would confuse Miss Suzumiya if he said to her "I love you". (See endless eight and all the instances Koizumi violates Kyon's personal space)

Then we have Mikuru Asahina, the Time Traveler... She does stuff but that's Classified Information. She's also eye candy and Haruhi's victim of sexual harassment... becaus eClassified Information.

She's voiced by Eureka... Goddammit!

and Kyon is voiced by Holland... Koizumi is Renton and in Endless Eight Kyon's dislike of Koizumi was more obvious when Koizumi was hanging with Mikuru at night... Still referencing Eureka Seven when I didn't want to... Why did I had to fall for you?  Thought I had you out of my mind... but no, the universe conspires against me!!

Last but not Least Haruhi... which I already described... The comedic short series takes her bitchiness Over 9000

Also she's Faye from Cowboy Bebop and Athena Cykes (We at the House of Rants believe that Haruhi's Phoenix Wright impression was how she got to play Athena)

This is an anime I hadn't seen since this blog was in diapers. It's not an anime for everyone. The show was broadcast out of order and you need to swap discs to watch it in chronological order... and The Endless Eight... Oh God, The Endless Eight!! It's a shame that the series was cut short... which sucks... Now If I could find English versions of the novels... and Holy crap! Haruhi's seiyu in a sex scandal? Try it out if you haven't... Personally, I prefer watching the kinda official parody series Haruhi-chan, episode 1 shown above.

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