Aug 3, 2017

The Domino Controversy... and why the media is wrong about it.

Recently, a picture of Zazie Beetz as Domino was revealed...
The Internet was broken in half.

People, rightfully complained about the people behind the movie getting Domino all wrong.

The SocJus Whiners quickly began crying Racism... Media simply went with that angle.

Well, The Media is wrong. While, YES, there are SOME People that are complaining because...

Yes, Achmed, because they are Racist Bastards... On the other hand, Most people are complaining because they didn't Domino'd her enough.
Her "Spot" isn't the right color and with it, she kinda looks like John Candy in Spaceballs.

Her Skin color is wrong... Before you say THAT'S RACIST!!
hear me out. I'm NOT saying replace her with a white actress... I'm saying: Paint her in the chalky gray skin tones that the character is KNOWN TO HAVE...
Just look at the picture of her and Cable. As you can see, Cable is Caucasian... a Hwite Oppressor for those SocJus inclined folks. Domino is NOT visibly Caucasian, Asian, or of any other ethnic skin color, aside a chalky, unnatural grayish color... Meaning that she could be played by ANY Nationality, as long as the skin is pigmented by paint in that unnatural Chalky Gray Color. That's like her signature look, like Storm's White Hair. That's what makes Domino pop!

Again: *I* Have ZERO ISSUES WITH Zazie Beetz playing the role. I have issues with Domino NOT LOOKING LIKE HER COMIC BOOK SELF. Zoe Zaldaña and Dave Bautista were both covered in paint to become their characters, why is this so hard for Domino?
That's almost as bad as this...

"But Negasonic Teenage..."  Yes, Negasonic Teenage Warhead doesn't look or has the powers of her comicbook counterpart... whose biggest achievement was dying until Deadpool made her cool.

Point is that IF they paint the spot black *Literal black* not Dark skin color and color her skin in Ash tones, as if taking the pic and putting it in grayscale, you CAN GET a Decent Domino, as proven in this quick MSPaint hackjob. I'm not too fond of the fro' but I can live with it in exchange for the Unnatural GRAY Skin tone on Domino. That would bring a bigger degree of visual accuracy to the character that the official pic lacks. It's not about "Racism" but Accuracy to the visuals. Right now she looks like Misty Knight, Foxy Cleopatra, or a generic jive talkin' Jungle Fever object for the male protagonists to fight over.

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