Aug 4, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Ha Ha Ha...

The MOTUC scaled Joker is finally in my hands. Forgot that I ordered one a while back. This MOTUC Sized Joker is based on The Dark Knight Returns... Just like Nipples, Batman, Superman, Armored Batman, Carrie Kelly Robin, the Mattel Vault unintentionally Racist 2 Pack whose only worth is the Heat Vision effect. So, The Crown Prince of Crime is here in all of his God Damn Glory.

His suit limits SOME Articulation, namely the waist swivel and legs.. He has no Ab Crunch. His balljoint head is severely limited for some reason.

Paint and Sculpt:
There is very little paint involved here. Most of it is on his face and it's very inspired by TDKR. Both Head Sculpts are inspired by TDKR as well, especially the deranged head, which is how The Joker meets his fate. Battarang to the eye and laughing himself to death. The Batatang piece can be lost easily. I'm totally going to glue mine in, since the slot on his right eye to plug the batarang makes it pointless to use that head without it.
Wanna hear a joke? MARTHA!!
-extra head
-Batarang piece to plug hole in head
-King Shark Torso
There's not much to add here.

The Joker gets a 4.17 as his final score. It's a decent score, but Mattel went out of their way to kill most of the MOTUC Customizing potential. First they made the neck peg way too small compared to MOTUC. It Kinda works with the WWE Create a Superstar toys, but they are mega loose. That Serious Joker head repainted could've worked perfect for Kayo (if he never gets made). The Only thing that could work is a Lubic Custom:
Remove the suit. Repaint figure in Lubic Colors. The arms should be the same color of a WWE Create a Superstar coat. Add a Bald head that resembles James Tolkan. Boom!

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