Aug 9, 2017

They Get Cable Right, why can't they do the same to Domino?

A few pics of Josh Brolin (and his stunt double) as Cable have been going around... Here's one of them:
After seeing this pic, the whole Domino thing pisses me off even more.

He looks pretty Cableish... I mean, he even has tons of pouches with ammo. The only nitpicks I have are:
-Realistic Proportions
-No Leifeldian Shoulderpads
-Weapons do not look so futuristic.

Other than that, he Totally nailed the Cable look, which makes Domino being the disappointing note here...
Isn't it weird how Deadpool can look like Deadpool, Cable can look like Cable, but Domino can't look like Domino and instead looks like Beyonce in Goldmember crossed with Barf from Spaceballs.
It's almost looking like" me soggy knee stick fox is being me soggy knee stick..."

All jokes aside. The fact that they can get Cable Right, but they don't do Domino properly screams lame attempt at virtue signalling. It's like they're screaming: "Look at us WE ARE DIVERSE!"

I mean it's not like Zoe Saldana (Mixed Latin Heritage) did the role of Gamora by ditching her natural dark skin tone and was painted green to play an alien... wait... Let me try this again. Dave Bautista, son of Filipino immigrants didn't paint his... dammit!!

But, those are MCU and Fox doesn't follow MCU... Freaking Frasier was beast on X-3 and he DID NOT wear any blue make up on him...

So, if Fox can get Frasier in blue make up and a blue fursuit, WHY IN CELESTIA'S NAME can't they get Domino right!?

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