Aug 9, 2017

Disney is leaving Netflix because of greed.

Well, looks like that's the end of the Disney Netflix Partnership (and me missing out on Spider-Prompto) all because Disney wants a bigger chunk of the pie. The House of Mouse wants to have its own Streaming service by 2019. They will also have by 2018 a streaming service for ESPN.

Here's the thing that worries me:
While the Netflix Produced Marvel shows are safe FOR NOW, losing Disney eliminates a chunk of programming from the service.

Other companies like BBC, and Warner Bros. have their own services as well. BBC pulled Doctor Who from Netflix and Young Justice is apparently going to be on Warner's own DC-themed streaming service. So, you're getting the picture...

People were leaving Cable because it was too expensive for a bunch of stuff people didn't want.
Streaming services like Netflix and their $9.99 streaming service seemed like a decent offer.

Britbox $7 monthly
Netflix $10 monthly
Hulu $12 with no ads monthly
Amazon $99 a year (No monthly option, but free shipping from Amazon prime)
Disney's service ?? (guessing $7-$15 range)
WB's DC service ??(guessing $7-$15 range)
Youtube Red $10 monthly
WWE Network $10 monthly
So let's math!
7+10+12+10+10 = 49 for Britbox, Netflix, Hulu, WWE Network, and Youtube Red add 14-30 monthly for the Disney and WB ones and we have $63- $79 for all those services. $756-$948 yearly... add the $99 from Amazon and we have $855-$1047 a year. Not counting ISP costs.

For example Comcast's XFinity's digital Premier (biggest package WITHOUT adding Internet) is $70 monthly. Which makes it $840 a year... FOR THE FIRST YEAR, The prices go up after 12 months.
Can you see the issue here? People were cutting the cord for a reason and now everyone wants to take all the action with streaming. When everyone wants to have their own streaming service We Will lose, because none of the services will be "good enough" for people with "all-around tastes" The Cable box may be gone, but it would still live on.

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