Aug 2, 2017

Pegasus Fantasy and Chill?

I hate linking to Polygon, but CGI Saint Seiya Series has me interested...
My Latin American friends know what this means: LA CANCION DE LOS ERRORES EN CG!

US Friends, well...

I feel bad for you.

I'm excited, but I'm nervous as well... NO Pinkie Nervicited Clip today!

Here's what I have an issue:
The CG remake will be titled Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya. The first season will consist of 12 half-hour episodes, which will cover the first four arcs of the original series. Yoshiharu Ashino, director of D. Gray Man Hallow, is set to direct the new series.
 Is this Just the Sanctuary Saga hyper condensed into 12 episodes?
Based on the Latin American Spanish version (which was what I saw) this covers
The Galaxy Tournament
The Black Saints
The Silver Saints
The Gold Saints (Battle for the 12 houses of the Zodiac)

The English version of the series splits these 4 arcs into 6. The Galaxy Tournament is like 8 episodes. Not too sure about this. Hopefully it'll be cool!

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