Aug 10, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Warcraft Toys are still crap... Mmmkay?

I finally found where the heck I had misplaced my Durotan figure...
The MOC pic will be a stock pic since he was loose when I found him. I had him MOC, but lost the MOC pic.

I can't explain Durotan, since I'm not a Warcraft person... I got him because I thought he could work as a generic Goblin for MOTUC (I say goblin instead of Orc, because he's a shrimp compared to a MOTUC Figure)

17 POA and the head is NOT one of them... Déjà vu?
-hinged ball joint Shoulders
-hinged ball joint Elbows
-thighs but blocked by long loincloth
-thigh rotation


Paint and Sculpt:
Unlike Medivh, Durotan gets a LOT OF LOVE HERE... The details on his clothing are 200Xlicious. There is plenty of paint applications and washes on the figure. I have some minor quibbles with a few areas painted half-way through, but unlike Medivh, I won't need to do a full body repaint/wash.


An Ax. I feel like he could have had something more.

Durotan gets a 2.5 as his overall score. While it's MUCH better than Medivh, his lack of articulation makes him a bit underwhelming. Had he been 7 inches, he would've been OK, but his puny size makes him even more underwhelming.

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