Jun 29, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Warcraft toys are crap, mmmkay?

I'm not gonna beat around the bush and try to paint a pretty picture to then become disappointed in the Warcraft Toys... I got 2 of them for the total price of $10 and I feel ripped off... I lost one of the figures, the Orc dude, while on Vacation in late March. The one I did not lose, Medivh, sat on a TRU Bag on my ICFTTC Queue list and me being pissed off at NECA's incompetent storefront (seriously, they're competing with Digital River in their inability to keep stuff on the cart.) means that April will reach the year MOC...

Who is Medivh? He's a super important character in the World of Warcraft. This toy is from the movie version. I won't bore you with details, but I was looking at him as Fodder to make a MOTUC Scale Master Sebrian... I would've if this toy was any good. Did I mention this toy is absolute crap? I know that Mr. Booty Box is going to whine about me complaining about this crap that he tried to pass off as a Toy before going to work with another company.

if his feet are hidden by the long tunic WHY
articulate them instead of the head!?
He has 10 Points of Articulation... HIS HEAD IS NOT ONE OF THEM...
2x Bicep Swivel
2x Elbow Bend
2x Wrist Hinge
2x Wrist Rotation
2x Boot cut

Articulated Feet that can't be seen by a long robe? This boneheaded move has a first and a last name... Sounds like Shot Might click...

Paint and Sculpt:
This toy is supposed to look like Ben Foster... He doesn't. the rest of the sculpt is nothing to write home about... It's a generic looking fantasy mage. The lack of paints do harm this figure a bit... OK a lot. There's lots of areas that could have used some paint to bring out the sculpt elements but are unpainted. The painted areas are sloppy as heck and those unpainted flesh tone pegs make him look like a bootleg...

1 Staff...
And the staff is the coolest thing about the figure. I just wish he had something else because it is lacking...

Overall:Medivh gets a 1.5 as his final score...
I wish that these toys were better... The Orc had about the same type of Articulation as Medivh. People who would've bought these figures are MOTUC Collectors... I mean, they had the"brains behind MOTUC" working at Jakks at the time... and for some reason, these figures are TINY next to MOTUC...  Seriously, MISSED OPPORTUNITY!! But then again, these toys being absolute crap, makes it better for those who dodge the bullet.

What happened to Jakks? These are the people who made the kickass WWE and TNA toys... This figure feels so bootleggy that it could've easily been a Jazwares toy!

I gave the figure a Quick Repaint just to see if the sculpt had any potential...

The paintjob is loosely based on the Photo on the front of the box. I didn't put any real effort on it and the sloppy painting makes his robes look dirty and kinda give it a bit more personality than the glossy black chunk of plastic that was the default look. I still think the colors are too bright and I'm considering giving the outer robe a black wash and the inner robe a gray wash.

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