Jun 19, 2017

Odds and ends: DC Weird things or something... and other stuff

Jaden Smith made a new video... Directed by Rrrrrrrrrrrrrico from Hannah Montana... Wait... Did I just pull off a Hannah Montana Reference?
I'm so sorry... If I were DC and Warner Bros. I'd sue the hell out of the Pinkett Smith clan.

Clickbaity Clickbait is Clickbaity...
So, Gal Gadot is earning $300K for WW... and Clickbaity article is claiming sexism cause...

and a 'Nita reference!? Better make a Mattycollector reference to have the irrelevant trifecta~

Gal Gadot initially signed on for three movies, which have already been covered by Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and the upcoming Justice League. She revealed in 2014 that she was paid $300,000 per film, a figure that isn’t wholly unusual for superhero blockbusters. Chris Evans earned $300,000 for Captain America, and Deadline reported in 2013 that some of the Avengers earned $200,000 for The Avengers due to their multi-picture contracts. Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. leveraged his star power to the tune of $50 million.
Despite those examples from Marvel Studios (which is famously draconian about its actors’ contracts), this situation carries a whiff of Hollywood’s gender pay gap. Why? Because according to Forbes, Henry Cavill earned a sweet $14 million for Man of Steel, including box office bonuses. As he pointed out last year, “I’m not just doing this for the art.”
No, just don't... It's NOT gender pay gap... Your Marvel comparison shows the real reason...
OK, so Chris Evans, whose IMDB Page  has him in 27 gigs BEFORE being Captain America and 2 of those are The second cinematic attempt at Fantastic Four. All that still netted him $300K for Cap.
vs Robert Downey Jr. with 65 gigs BEFORE being Ironman on his IMDB page... So, RDJ had WAY MORE STAR POWER right out of the bat than Chris Evans.

If we do the same thing with Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill we can see that he has a bit more than Gadot.
Cavill's resume... from IMDB 15 roles before Becoming The man of Stool... One of them was in the highly acclaimed series: The Tudors.

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot has 13 gigs before Becoming Wonder Woman according to IMDB. 4 of those were on Israel, so not that accessible to American audiences and if dubbed, Gadot's acting range wouldn't be fully seen. 4 of the other gigs were playing Generic Eye Candy on Vin Diesel's Carvengers movies...

Which Everyone saw for the action and they cared about Dominic, Brian and Letty. (played by Michelle Rodriguez)

Not to mention that Cavill also had 12 years of acting experience on his belt compared to Gal Gadot's 9. Cavill had a LOT more Leverage compared to Gal Gadot. NOW that she has Wonder Woman as a notch on her belt, she has MORE LEVERAGE when negotiating for film roles.

While Hollywood CAN BE super sexist (casting couch IS real) trying to pin sexism to Gadot's lower pay is a load of crap.

Carrie Fisher's toxicology report was released... It ain't pretty. She had an issue with drug addiction and struggled through her life with it. I will not make any jokes, or snarky remarks here... just letting you know that it was released.

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