Jun 21, 2017

I missed out TWICE!! on the Fred Wolf Style TMNT By NECA... and other stuff

I understand the massive Cock-blocking by Playmates and all that, but seriously, the NECA Store, but seriously!?
If I'm logged on to PayPal 3 Minutes Before the sale time, it's meant to be so I can avoid any Logging on to PayPal issues. I go to the NECA Store. I click on the add to cart then to the check out... The Log in to Paypal window pops up and by the time it goes through to accept I had logged in, SOLD OUT!!

Sure, I have the Mirage Turtles that I repainted in Vintage Toy Colors, but THOSE WEREN'T MY TURTLES!! Mine were the Fred Wolf Cartoon Turtles and I never saw Playmates' take on them in my neck of the woods, and the Figuarts are expensive AF... This set, while a bit costly, had the turtles, Shredder, Krang, AND FOOT SOLDIERS!! but...

Now for some slightly more light-hearted news... Mattel will open the Vault and get rid of some old stuff...

It's nice that they're doing some clearing of stuff... For like the umpteenth time... They cleared stuff on Matty, the Mattel Shop, Gamestop and they STILL HAVE stuff for the Vault!?

 The One thing that bothers me is that damn Logo... I know that this may give some validity to Neitlich's bitching about me. But after 8 years of Mattel getting a bad name in the collector world, I DO SEE The Vault as a nice thing, but man, that Logo... The Graphic Designer who did it must have a twisted sense of humor or KNOW about how collectors see Mattel... Look at that Logo and tell me that it totally doesn't look like a Butt-plug... In fact I googled a picture of a Butt-plug to suprerimpose the Logo... I did resize it a bit in order to fit the proportions of the actual butt-plug... If I kept it in the proportions of the actual logo...

I KNOW it's kinda meant to be a shield but those wings atop the M  totally makes it look like a Butt-Plug.

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