Jun 2, 2017

Fidget Spinners: the rant.

The latest craze: Fidget Spinners... Everyone needs to have one...

Here's the thing... They are kinda NOT MEANT FOR EVERYONE... These are meant to be for people with anxiety, or who are prone to have a lot of nervous energy. You know, the kind of people who often click their pens when they're nervous/bored/stressed, etc. THEY are the ones who NEED a fidget spinner.
I tend to be a bit fidgety and I'm not a fidget spinner owner, yet. (and probably never will... I'm more of a Fidget Cube kind of guy.) but crap like this is what ruins the Fidget Spinner for people who need it.

This turns it into a "toy", which makes it a no-no at school and certain workplaces. The idea is to spin it with one hand as a background action, while you focus on a more important action. This kind of usage, I'm OK with... doing juggling tricks with it, nope! It ruins it for those who need the energy output to focus in more important matters. In part that's why I'm more partial towards the cube.

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