Jun 23, 2017

Maybe the 4th Time is the Charm?

20th Century Fox WILL NOT surrender the First Family to Marvel... You know...

Yo On an outer space adventure, dey gots hit by cosmic rays. da four would change forever in da most fantastic ways. nahh need ta fear dey're here! Just page da four, Fantastic Four! Ya' dig?

After the Enormous Success that was Fant4stic...

Fox decided that they WILL Try again...

This time, they're going to look at Disney's The Incredibles as a source.

Here's a novel idea: Look at the Classic Comics, and Fantastic Four Cartoons... Except the one where Johnny Storm looked like Benimaru Nikaido... Hell, The Roger Corman Movie is the most Fantastic Four, uh, actual Fantastic Four Movie ever made.

I have an issue with this statement:
Apparently this new take will focus on telling the story through the eyes of the children of Reed and Sue Richards, Franklin and Valeria Richards, but Human Torch and Thing will be present as well. 
Yeah, no... That would be way too Incredibles or even worse...

Spy Kids... and yes, That specific scene was chosen on purpose for obvious reasons.

It COULD be good if... wait... they have the writer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the Lego Batman movie, and Beetlejuice 2?
Oh, boy this seems like very hit or miss... Leaning too much towards comedy could make this the next

 I'm afraid, VERY afraid...

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