Jun 24, 2017

Han Solo was saved from being a Comedy...

Yup, you read right... The Directors who left/were forced to leave, depends on who you ask... were making a Comedy out of the Han Solo movie. The dude Playing Han Solo complained about it to Lucasfilm and they went and replaced the director with

Yes, Little Ronny Howard is Directing...
Sure, he may have done The Grinch with Ace Ventura as the titular character, but he also did the Dan Brown movies with Forrest Gump playing Robert Langdon.

This inspires me some hope, if I'm allowed to be honest. This is one of the "anthology side stories" that I'm interested in seeing. Bobba Fett would be interesting. As much as I love big bad Daddy Vader, I think that we do not need ANOTHER movie of him... We already have 7 movies of Darth Vader. As long as we don't get Jar Jar: a Star Wars Story... I'm cool

My only issue is Star Wars oversaturation and fatigue, since we can now do "side stories" Heck we can even go to prequels BEYOND the prequels and telling stories from Knights of the Old Republic. No, it's not a reference to the PC game.

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