Jun 22, 2017

So, guess what SONY intends to do with Venom?

Right out of the bat they're gonna ruin Venom...

First Movie and they want to push Carnage into the scene...

I WATCHED Transformers 5 to erase the bad taste of this...

My first reaction was:

Sony's Spider-Verse can work well if done properly... You have Spidey, right, doing his hero thing... His sequel could involve Black Cat... Spidey could have the black suit on this movie and it ends on Eddie. Venom is born and they do their bad guy thing until they are arrested and eventually decide to become a Lethal Protector. Before fully committing to the Lethal Protector thing, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack could be on the hunt for Venom, who now is an anti-hero vigilante. the real villain is The Life Foundation, who happened to hire Sable to get Venom for them with plans to create a survivalist army of symbiotes. After the Wild Pack and Venom defeat the symbiote army is what gives Eddie the purpose to become a hero. Now the "Big Event" is Maximum Carnage, where Spidey, Venom, The Wild Pack, Black Cat, and hopefully a few cameos from the MCU (preferably CAP) have to battle the super deadly Carnage. BOOM!

Going Straight to Carnage cancels the possibility of sequels for Venom.

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