Aug 10, 2017

My Little Fidget Spinner and other odds and ends 8/10/2017

Has Hasbro gone too far? My Little Pony Fidget Spinners... Oh yeah Transformers too!

You already know how I feel about Spinners, so I won't bore you with the details... Here's the link to the small rant. NO, I WON'T BE GETTING THESE!! Now if they make a Cobra Commander Fidget Spinner, I might be tempted... Cause Whenever I'd use it, I'd probably do the ONCE A MAN tirade!
and when putting it away I'd do

But since Hasbro has GI Joe in the shelved position... I've no worries about me getting a fidget spinner.

Venom is still happening and they have cast A Character (unrevealed for now). This character will be played by Riz Ahmed, who played the Imperial Pilot that was Tentacle Raped by Forrest Whitaker's Mind Rape Octopus thing in Rogue One... The Star Wars movie where everyone important dies and has Alan Tudyk playing C-3P0 with Balls... Supposedly, Mr. Ahmed will NOT be playing Carnage... There is only one man I want to see as Carnage right now...
Jackie Earle Hayley has Crazy Ginger
 Murderer written all over this pic
add a cgi Red and black suit and
BAM! We have Carnage!!

One of the "Offensive pics" 
And Green Arrow has no time for homophobia. You know Stephen Amell... The guy who loves saying You have Failed this City or that his name is Oliver Queen and that he spent five years in hell, then he became someone else, something else... That guy, he's a huge supporter of LGBT rights and stuff. Well he was at the Vancouver pride parade and posted some photos. Some people got angry at his support of gay rights and they lashed at him. So he retaliated. Now next year he will ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE AT THE PARADE.  He better show up and upload pics of him in it to put his money where his mouth is. (Chances are he will)

Whether you agree with him or not, the fact is that if he sticks to his word, then that is, in a way kinda admirable.

Come on DC, Really? THAT'S the look of the Hero that Will defend Gotham by day? Duke Thomas got a new costume and it's a head scratcher...

I mean LOOK AT IT... Look at it LONG AND HARD... No, it's not a dick joke... Nor a Grayson Joke... If you still can't see my issue... Here's a look at that costume using Marvel VS Capcom Sprites with very Little editing done.
It literally looks like they put a Wolverine Mask on a Spider-Man Costume and a Bat Insignia to make it less obvious. Suddenly the Robin Suits started to look REAL GOOD...

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