Sep 17, 2009


Anime. The cartoons from Japan. Ususally harder to translate into live action films, yet Hollywood wants to do it. Not even the Japanese themselves can bring decent anime to live action. But they've done it a lot better than Hollywood, why? No executive Douchebaggery and desire to leave their own stamp on the project. No cultural differences wall affecting the production. etc. So far the only Amaricanized Anime live action movie that worked is Speed Racer.

Now, that I got that out of my chest I'm gonna do another of my lists.This time they'll be of Anime that SHOULD be adapted to Live Action Hollywood Movies and Anime that SHOULDN'T BE TOUCHED BY HOLLYWOOD EVER!! (Especially Fox)

First on my list of Anime that should be made into a movie:

Full Metal Panic! (The exclamation point is part of the title)
It's about a Secret Military Organization that sent one of their members to protect a girl with mysterious abilities. The only problem is that she's a highschool student and the Bodyguard is a teen who was raised as a soldier and only has lived in the battlefield. There are giant Mechas somewhere in the story too.
This yells adapt me! Romantic Comedy Elements, Cool action scenes, Fish out of water situations... I'm pretty sure that Hollywood would go for Zac Efron to play Sagara Sousuke, and I actually wouldn't mind right now. A few months back I would've screamed ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR #$%^& MIND!?

Fullmetal Alchemist
This one also say Adapt me!! The Elric Brothers lived a happy life with their mother until she died. They attempt to revive their mother by using Alchemy, but something went wrong...
The younger brother, Alphonse, lost his body and Edward, the elder, lost an arm and a leg. (one in the attempt of reviving his mother, the other while binding his brother's soul to an armored suit. Now Edwars, outfitted with some advanced prosthetics and Alphonse (the sentient Armor) travel the world in search of the Philosopher's Stone. A stone that allows the user to practice Alchemy without the side effects of Equivalent Exchange. (In order to get something you must give something with the same value)

Long story short. Britan's Protestant Church have a special unit dealing with the supernatural, led by a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing (as in the rival of Dracula). Her Paramilitary Organization fights the undead with heavy firepower and a secret weapon. Alucard... a vampire. I mean THE vampire. Alucard is so awesome that makes Blade look like a sissy.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.
This one screams Make me!! (Even thoguh Hollywood has a 99% of chance of dropping the ball here.) Psychologicaly damaged teens pilotig big "Mechas" (Trying to avoid spoilers) and defending the Earth from the otherworldy beings called "Angels". Yes there is a boatload of Christian symbols used here. (That's what Japan does when they want to do something cool. They add lots of elements from Western Religion even when they don't have anything to do with the story.)

Now The following Scream STAY AWAY HOLLYWOOD!!

Ranma 1/2: The story of a boy who gets cursed by becoming female when doused with cold water and returns to normal with warm water. Tons of fighting and romantic comedy elements, yet it's charm would be lost because he's a boy that turns into a girl when doused with cold water.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (and any other anime that involves the fate of humanity being decided by plaing a Children's card game.) Why? The fate of humanity being decided by a Children's card game... I love Yu-gi-oh! But I wouldn' go see alive action movie (unless they gave away free cards. The only reason why I saw the animated movie at the theatres.)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Ahh! Haruhi... You are one seriously messed up girl. You might not know this but Haruhi has the powers of a god and she doesn't know it. She is surrounded by an alien, a time traveler, an Esper (A mystic power ranger type of character that works for a secret organiztion.) Funny fact the english dub of Kouzumi the Esper is a Power Ranger, not Tommy... (one of the other guys who was on Tommy's team.) and last but not least Kyon. The normal guy who gets sucked into this mess because he shares a connection with Haruhi. Also they's try to have a teen star playing Haruhi and possibly have Haruhi-inspired songs... (As much as I might like Miley Cyrus' acting and singing I do NOT want her to be a part of a Haruhi project!!)

First of all they would make these kids 18+ and defeat the whole kid ninjas beating the crap out of everything. There's also the bad aftertaste of the 3 Ninjas movies and Surf Ninjas (The only movie ever to promote the battery juice devouring Game Gear and to have Leslie Nielsen as a cyborg villain.) Believe it!

Last but not least...

An americanized live action will suck. That is all.

Funny thing is that I love all of these except Naruto. I didn't add Gatchaman, Voltron or Macross to these lists because I mentioned them on another topic.

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