Apr 7, 2010

What I'd like toys of:

I love toys. If I didn't I wouldn't have the It came from the Toy Chest section. I've commented how I'd love to see movie adaptations of toys, tv shows, etc. Now I'm going to talk about tv shows, games, movies, etc. that could have awesome toys.

A five figure wave with a build-a-dummy would be kinda cool:
Jamie Hyneman he could come with a Ballistics gel bust and a rifle.
Adam Savage he could come with the "red safety suit" and random items to hit Adam with.
Tori Belleci random objects for Tori to get hurt with.
Grant Imahara some tools, laptop and pieces for a robot
Kari Byron guns and the claw from the floating girl on balloons myth
With them you can (re)assemble Buster
If they were made as Vintage G.I. Joes (60s-70s the twelve inchers with "realistic hair" then Jamie needs real hair for his mustache.)

Steve Urkel:
This would be cool as a doll with electronic sounds and phrases:
"Did I do that?" "Hideeho Winslows!" and his laugh.
Say what!? There WAS an URKEL DOLL!? No freaking way...
Ok well something that can be in the same scale as Barbie, or High School Musical dolls. Wow... they really did make an Urkel doll... Then again Urkel HAD his own breakfast cereal.

Metal Gear Solid Series:
Before you say Todd McFarlane made some of those. Let me remind you that Todd Mc Farlane made some of those. Brittle, irregularly articulated glorified statues.
I'm saying some action figures that you can create your armies for Snake/Raiden/Big Boss to sneak through AND have Metal Gears IN-Scale with the figs. Something in the 3and 3/4" scale.

House M.D.
You have to admit that an Action Figure of House would be 100% awesomer thanHeroes figs... OK maybe Hiro is cool or Sylar, but Mohinder? (Says the guy who wants Queen Marlena for his MOTUC, or Robbie Ray for his Hannah Montana collection.)
A Dr House in the 6"-7" scale with 18-28 PoA... Awesome to the 9000th power.

Yes, I know that in the 80s there was a Thundercats Line (made by LJN if I recall correctly... Eww! LJN games!!!) Just Picture a Thundercats line with Modern Sculpt and Articulation. It's already making me want to scream Thundercats!!! HOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!! (also seeing that most of the big 80s toylines have received an update, the T-cats should get theirs.)

Legend of Zelda:
Link (the multiple Links), Ganon (Both "Pig" Ganon and the Ganondorf), Zelda (the Multiple Zeldas) and many of the beasts that populate Hyrule would be awesome. If we got a Triforce as well... Please no NAVI!! but yes to TINGLE!! (I have a Love-Hate relationship with Tingle)

Phineas and Ferb:

That's why... I'd get a Doctor Doofenshmirtz for Perry to fight. (can't beleive that a P&F action figure line hasn't been made.)

The SOTA toys DS line was cancelled and it looked freaking sweet. Such a shame that Capcom's second best fighting game series once again got the short end of the stick. I want some Morrigan, Lilith, Demitri, BB Hood and others.

That would be the top 8 lines of toys that I'd like to see. There are a lot more, but I'll stick with these 7 for now...

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