Sep 15, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest: No it's not Mickey Rourke.

Quickie review here! It's MOTUC Whiplash.
He's pretty much new sculpt except for the loincloth and the biceps. We will see lots of reuse of this body with Buzz-Off and Clawful. He's also the "only" Character to have a "true 200X head". Or so says Mattel... (Ignoring Mossman, Marzo, Keldor, Kronis, Merman, Man at Arms, etc.) and that it will not happen again... I gotta do a rant on that later on... using another topic.

He's Basically a reproduction of the 80s Figure with a 200X head and the 00X Spork of Doom added on.
He's got pretty much the same Articulation of a Standard MOTUC figure, plus the Single Articulation point on the tail... Which is not made of Soft plastic with bendy wires inside. Thank Goodness!

He does not have peg holes on his feet, a mistaker that "will be fixed" when Buzz-Off is released on December.

Now for the rating: As always 1= Back to the drawing board since this toy is a waste of plastic so big that it makes the Atari E.T. games look like gold. 5 = The holy grail of Action Figures.

Articulation: 4.5 Same as a standard fig + 1 PoA on the tail. Kinda wish it was more Articulated, but its OK.
Paint/Sculpt: 5.0 as I said the figure only shares 2 parts with previous figures. The Torso is scaly and so are the shoulders. The scaly effect is gently diffused on the shoulders (To allow the smooth bicep piece to be reused.) The boots are scaly (Which I don't understand since they have holes for his toenails to poke out... I still don't get the whole boots with the toenails poking out of them. Is it some sort of evil sandal?) The paint has various shades of green that justify the color scheme on whiplash. (Dark green from his torso changes to light yellow green in a subtle way. The "Vintage" head looks small and "pinhead" like. I do not like it since he looks like a pinheaded Emo Lizard with Bushy Eybrows. The 200X head on the other hand looks a bit too large for his body. It is not too big, it's proportionate to his body. The only problem is that 200X Whiplash is supposed to have a MASSIVE body and a small head. So the MOTUC "200X" Whippy looks like it's using Trim Spa, baby!

Accessories: 3.0 Whippy comes with his Vintage Spear and his Spork of Doom.
How the heck the Spork of Doom can be made when Keldor can't get his frigging swords!?
-Let it go Nefty, let it go...
The Spear is an updated version of his spear... (The one that should've come with BK Randor...)
The Spork of Doom is a less detailed version of the 200X Spork of Doom... Which can only bve used by the following characters:
-1st issue Skeletor
-Trap Jaw

Why only them, because it has an annoyingly thick handle. Whippy drops it every now and then. Another Spork is coming on the 2nd Weapons Pack... (Guess it'll go in my spare parts baggie.)

Overall: 4.17 The lack of usability on his Spork is the biggest culprit here.

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