Nov 23, 2016

Matty's Cyber Week is...

How can I Put this:

40% off sounds nice, Free USPS Ground Shipping sounds nice... BUUUUUT Not all Items have the 40% discount.

Winston and Ray do but not Egon and Peter?
Even though it was a tad lame... I bought a Bow and a Klacky (Who would be used as Songster Fodder if S7 doesn't deliver. If S7 does Songster, I have 2 generic bucks) and a WP #3 cause Nefty-kun needs a few weapons.

but seriously, 40% off? That's not a "We're closing shop next month kind of sale and we need to get rid of all this crap!" sale. There's a ton of product left on Matty and I don't see it moving until the most likely December's "Oh Crap! We have too much crap to sell! 90% off on everything!" Near Christmas sale.


18-buck Oo-Larr...

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