Aug 28, 2009

Cartoon Network is no longer a cartoon network.

Lately Cartoon Network has been showing live action shows and that is seriously messed up. The fun thing about Cartoon Network is... WAS that you'll get cartoons 24/7. Now with this "CN Real" block, Cartoon Network is no longer the Cartoon Network.

Don't get me wrong, they've got some good shows, like The Othersiders, Destroy Build Destroy, and Survive This. The thing is that THEY ARE NOT CARTOONS and they feel out of place in a network that is supposed to have Cartoons 24/7. They seem to be more suited for Discovery Kids, or Nick.

The best of those shows in my opinion is Survive This. Basically it's Survivorman: Junior Edition, with Les Stroud as the Bearer of bad news (and challenges).
He definetely is not a friend to those kids. One time he took away part of their rations, because they didn't follow proper survival instructions. Its a good thing to see Les Stroud again on TV, even if its just him making the life of Canadian teens a bit tougher.
On the other side of the Coin Total Drama Island and its sequel Total Drama Action are really awesome. A Cartoon version of a Reality Show... Only in Canada my friends... Cartoon Network is importing a lot of shows from Canada... Cool!

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