Aug 27, 2009

Top Ten "Do"s and "Don't"s for a Masters of the Universe Live Action Movie.

Ok, you should know by now that I fear what they're going to do with the Live Action Adaptation of Masters of the Universe. Here is a list of things that they should do and shouldn't do in order to make me (and possibly other people) happy.

Now He-Man and Skeletor will show you the do's and don'ts.

1- Use a Magnificent score; subtle music when subtlety is needed and epic music while having epic scenes.

2- Use physical effects whenever they are possible and CGI when the effect cannot be achieved physically.

3- Use designs as closely as possible to the Toys (Both vintage MOTU and 200X redesigns are fair game. The MOTU Classics is an updated version of the Original line with some 200X elements thrown in some figs; so those are fair game too. Aslo weapons, Vehicles and places should resemble the original designs.)

4- Key Iconic Eternian locations MUST be shown. Castle Greyskull, Royal Palace of Eternos and Snake Mountain are the top 3 places people want to see.

5- Take the movie seriously. Just because it is based on a toyline does not mean that it cannot have a compelling Story. Respect the source material and you may have a huge blockbuster.

6- Have a competent group of warriors WITH He-Man. There is no need to have a demigod He-Man beating the tar out of Skeletors forces while the rest of the cast sit it out. He-Man is not Goku (The manga Goku, not the Goku-in name only from Dragon Ball: evolution)

7- Skeletor's forces MUST be a threat to Eternia. There MUST be a need for He-Man and the other Heroic Warriors.

8- Controlled Easter eggs. A little nod to the fans here and there is good. As long as the story remains coherent.

9- Use a cast of mostly unknown actors that look like the characters. (No Black Randor, Asian Teela, or Female Merman.)

10- Create a world that is darker than the Cartoons, but without going in too dark. He-Man is not Batman or Spawn, so he shouldn't be super brooding and/or extremeley violent.

1- Use Modern bands/songs during the movie. I don't care how popular Linkin Park, Miley Cyrus, or Eminem are. THEY ARE NOT MOTU!!!

2- Have Product Placement. THIS IS NOT EARTH; it's Eternia. There is no Norton Antivirus, nor Mountain Dew on Eternia. AT&T does NOT have any bars on Greyskull.

3- Ultra armored Space-cowboy He-Man. He is a Barbarian looking warrior. Disco Dancing Trenchcoat Skeletor is another NO.

4- Planet Earth. We don't need to have He-Man, Teela and Man-at-Arms chasing Dakota Fanning and her boyfriend on Earth just because they have the key synthesizer that will allow the Eternians to return home.

5- Go over the top with jokes. We do not need to see Battlecat peeing Skeletor's eye socket, nor Panthor humping Evil Lyn's leg.

6- Have useless characters. (Except Mekaneck) By useless I mean, that the character is there, supposedly is a key part, yet he/she does absolutely nothing. Having Man-at-Arms standing around in the middle of a battle, while He-Man is doing all the fighting.

7- Stupid villains. This is not a cartoon. The besty part on a movie is the villain. If the villain isn't compelling enough, we do not care.

8- Try to cater so much to the fans that it becomes an inside joke. Not everyone knows about the Legendary Wun-Dar, or the Fearless Photog.

9- Use Original characters, when an exsisting character from MOTU can be used.

10- Kill main characters, like Skeletor, Randor, Man-at-Arms.

Chances are that Hollywood will DO the DON'TS. I know my list won't change anything, but its fun to post about what it could be.

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