Mar 10, 2010

Holy Crap! Chuck Norris is 70!!

And he can still kick all of our butts in a fight. Luckily for us Chuck's a pacifist... Unless it's Internet Chuck... Now that guy would roundhouse kick us all the way to Pluto... and make it a planet once more because he is Chuck Norris.

Happy Birthday Chuck! Please don't roundhouse me all the way to Pluto... There's no TV in Pluto... I need to see part II of the Hannah Montana Season Finale: Miley says Goodbye.

Other People that Their Birthday is Today March 10th:
Sharon Stone: She was in King Solomon's mines, Alan Quartermaine and the Lost City of Gold, The Specialist, Catwoman... I feel sorry for her... for being in Catwoman... HAppy 52 Sharon!
Olivia Wilde: She plays Thirteen (Dr. Hadley) on House M.D. BTW she is The Baroness in the Ballad of GI Joe... 26... Isn't she a bit too young to be a Doctor?
Emily Osment: Before you ask, YES she is RELATED to Haley Joel Osment. She's 18 now. She's almost free from Disney's grasp. I'm pretty sure once Hannah Montana is doen for she'll be free from Disney. Hopefully she won't fade into obscurity like her Keyblading Brother did.

All this talk about birthdays make me a bit cheery, but I have some sort of sad news to report.
Haley Joel Osment can see Corey Haim... If you catch my drift.
Accidental Drug Overdose. (NOTE This Corey is the one that was NOT in The Goonies, or voiced Donatello in the first TMNT Movie...)

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