Mar 1, 2010

Odds and Ends: 03-01-2010

Stretch Armstrong the movie is really coming...
And Sharkboy/Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner ditched the Max Steel movie... Probably because Hasbro is most likely getting things done, unlike Mattel; who keep dragging their feet with every movie project based on their toys. (Masters of the Universe movie???)
This Stretch Armstrong movie might be directed by the same director from Monsters vs. Aliens (and it might be in 3-D). I'd rather see a Max Steel Movie than a Stretch Armstrong movie, but thanks to Mattel I'm not. (Chances are that we'll get 2 Hot Wheels DTV movies and 3 Barbie movies...)

PS3 has a bug! A y2k inda bug which can screw your save files... Really Sony?
I made fun of the Red Ring of Death on the Xbox 360 and this is how you repay me?
Well the bug only affects the "Chubby" PS3... If you have a slim you're safe. Still this sucks and hopefully Sony will release a patch to fix this... (Now if they could figure out how to emulate PS2 and PS1 games again...)

This chimp reminds me of someone...

Chimp's in REHAB!? What's next Cat going to the Phychiatrist? Good grief! Wait, my neighbor's dog lost his iPhone... I'll go help him find it...

Bear Grylls is back with a new show...
He has already shown us what to do to survive in extreme conditions in which we couldn't last a day without the proper tools and knowledge.* Now he's gonna show us what to do tu survive in situations closer to home... (No more shipwrecked on Hawaii or diving from an airplaine in Texas.) He now is going to:
Fight a Shark, Escape a burning Building, escape from a sinking car, etc. Finally some stuff that might be useful in real life.

*=More or less what he says on the MvW intro. I'm not going to go into the arguement: Fake vs Real, because that could be the topic of a new rant.

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