Nov 28, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest: More stuff from Mattel.

Weapons Pack Numero Dos is here! Remember to click on the pics to read the comic.
This is what we have:
Merman Armor, "Corn Sword" and Trident in what Mattel calls "200X" Colors. (3)
200X Colors would've been if it was in copper instead of that dull gold.
They kinda look OK... Except the Armor... It looks off.
We also have Whiplash's weapons in Gold (2). The Spear perfect for Randor and the 200X Spork of Doom... Well let's just say that wasted plastic does not even scratch the surface on my thoughts regarding that item.
We also get He-Man Shield and Axe in Faker Colors (2) These should have come with Faker in the first place.
Sword of Protection in Two tones like He-Man's Power Sword (1). Great Idea! ruined by the "China" tampograph...
Optikk Shield and Gun (2). Probably to use on Kronis
Evil Lyn Weapons: Dagger, Short Staff, Long staff, swappable crystal ball headpiece (4). Not Quite 200X as Mattel wants us to believe. I've no use for them at the moment.
Zoar Perch and Stand to match Screeech! (2)
Roboto's Attachments in Trap Jaw Colors (3)
19 items in total...

While this set is slightly LESS random than WP#1 This one is too specific on the planned owners of said items. Some of the colors seem a bit more thought out, yet they fail miserably. (Merman armor and Evil Lyn weapons come to mind.)
Others are ruined by Mattel's "China" tampographs being too noticeable.

As always the score is based on a scale 1-5. 1= Wasted plastic that coudl've been put to better use... (Justin Bieber Doll I'm looking at you.) 5= Super mega awesomest Toy thing ever!! (a really awesome MOTUC scale Castle Grayskull type of thing.)
The Sculpt is awesome... Hats off to the 4H. Paint... as with the WP #1 Captain Paintbrush will have to go through a lot of them before being useful to me. 2.0

Merman's Armor already got a repaint in order for me to use it. Optikk's shield is on its way also the Roboto Attachments and She-Ra's sword. So far the Faker Weapons, King Randor's Spear, Zoar's perch and armor are the only items that will NOT be repainted...

The set itself is not bad. It does have some sweet items. The China tampograph and some color choices knocked a few points off.

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