Nov 2, 2010

Stop! Candy TIME!!!

Finally the Candy rant/list is here. I went Trick-or-Treating as Edward Cullen...
Why? Simple: I'm already Vampire-ish pale. I had clothes that resemble the Eddiekins doll. A bit of Make up to enhance the bags under my eyes and a lot of Glitter gel and voila! I'm a Poison Fairy. I had A Classic Vampire Cape and Fangs so I could be Edward Pretending to be a Vampire. (My own little joke like the Vegetarian Vampire joke from Twilight.)
Had to deal with Twilight haters. Twihards (I was a bit of a dick to them, but that's how Sir Saparks-a-Lot rolls)

Enough About the Cullens and their lack of Vampiness. It's all about CANDY!
(Insert I want Candy Song here...)

Ok Where's the Song? Not gonna use it!
Now for the top picks on this halloween:
Worst offenders:
Halls Lozenges:
Hello! These ain't Candy!
Lozenge: a small usually sweetened and flavored medicated material that is designed to be held in the mouth for slow dissolution;especially : one that contains a demulcent lozenges>
Candy: a confection made with sugar and often flavoring and filling.
Lozenges are medication... you jerk!

Now our next offender is:
Candy Corn
I know it's a halloween classic, but it's rare to find small fun-sized packs of candy corn. So people just dump candy corn in your jack-o-lanterns. (usually after the jerk that dumps 30 cents in pennies) Mmm! coin flavored candy...

Any gummy stuff that ain't gummy bears... is our next offender. For some reason the only great tasting gummy stuff is bear shaped. (Worm shaped is good too to an extent.) The moment other shapes start showing up the gumminess is lost and sometimes the candy is either rigid or crappy tasting.

On the other hand there are more awesome candies:
First on the list:
Classic Gum Yum! It's a bit harder to find these days, but when I do I try to chew as much as I can...

3 Musketeers:
It's so light and fluffy. That's what I love about it... Especially when received on Halloween.

My Favorite candy:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups... If I got some, I ain't sharing... Don't care if you're Bella Swan, He-Man, The Pope, or Miley Cyrus These are MY REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! you can have the coin flavored candy corn...

Well that about cover Halloween 2010's candy run... Remember. Don't over eat it otherwise Mo-Larr will come for you.

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