Oct 29, 2010

Top ten things that currently annoy me*

*that are not Mattel

The Top candy poll will have to wait after Halloween... Need to go trick-or-treating in order to get the free candy... Duh! So in the mean time here's a list of things that annoy me... that are not related to Mattel.

10) Antoine Dodson

I got to admit the news report was kinda funny, though it dealt with a serious issue. The auto tuned remix is catchy.

The iPhone app seems like a great idea. Using Antoine to promote it is kinda cool.

I mean, Seriously!? an Official Antoine Dodson costume? I'm starting to think that he's milking it...

$39.99 for a Bandanna, an Afro Wig,a piece of paper, and a Black Tank Top

9) Justin Bieber
I find him a bit LESS annoying than Antoine Dodson. But the biggest reason he annoys me (aside from his borderline Chipmunk voice) is the delusions of Grandeur that he has.
There are rumors about Bieber calling himself the "Kurt Cobain of this Generation..." If this is true, then someone hand him a shotgun!

This is the Justin Bieber version of This is it. Does he think he's the next Michael Jackson?
This is insulting... I could've understood a 3D concert like the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3D event... This, on the other hand deserves a kick in the nads by a steel toed boot and a visit from the bed intruder of Lincoln Park.

8)Jaden Smith
I've already spoken of my dislike for Jaden Smith. He is not the next Haley Joel Osment or Dakota Fanning.
The video combines two things I hate: Kung Fu Kid and Bieber
Jackie Chan had to ruin it... Let the kids have some fun!

7)The Shamwow guy
Not only he's tried to Out Pitch the late Billy Mays, but he's almost as smug as certain web mascot that I can't have on the list. He's peddling copies of products promoted by the late Billy Mays, but in a more obnoxious way.

6)Michael Bay
Michael Bay movies in a nutshell. Not gonna get on how Offensive to my childhood the Bayformers movies are. Dear Michael Bay: Transformers is supposed to be ALL ABOUT THE FRICKING ROBOTS!!!

5)Cartoon Network's Live action series
Hello! it's called Cartoon Network! as in a network for Cartoons! Keep the Live Action shows out of Cartoon Network! I swear the people in charge must be the same morons that killed Music on MTV...

4)Jersey Shore
Speaking of Morons and MTV I gotta talk about Jersey Shore.
Yup! The M stands for Moronic alright... I guess The Real World: Douchebags
wasn't allowed. I miss the good old days of MTV. Heck I even miss Pimp My Ride! I'd rather have Jackass reruns than this junk... I guess Filmation Skeletor would fit in well with these guys...

3) Twihards
I've ranted a bit about them, but they keep coming and defend the shortcomings of the books with vehemence by not using fact, but opinions passed as facts.
Opinion: Twilight saga HAD potential if it was in the hands of someone capable.
Fact: Stephenie Meyer was ignorant of Vampire lore when she wrote her books.
Extreme Twihards are incredibly annoying! Especially those who have no idea what they're talking about... The Twihate is far well documented beyond "Twilight sucks!"

2)Resident Evil Movies
(Especially Alice) I saw the last RE movie and I didn't like it at all. Chris Redfield is a little too late... No signs of Leon at all. Wesker was ultra raped here. (He had his moments, but still the movie raped him.) Milla wants to do a 5th movie. Hopefully it'll be Resident Evil 5, We finally kill Alice once and for all!
I'd rather have a Jill sandwich than dealing with the Leeloo Dallas Multipass movies.

1)Slutty Halloween costumes that look nothing like the characters they're dressed as.
I don't want a slutty Spider-Woman (who is really Spider-Man but looking like a girl) or a Ninja Turtle with a green flesh skirt.

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