Oct 25, 2010

Hey What the!? Justin Bieber assaults a 12-Y.O. kid

Bieber fever symptoms might include Berserker Rage...
Shame on you Bieber...
Justin Bieber Doll
Ok... WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS!? A Justin Bieber Doll!? What will they think up next!?
Justin Bieber Nail Polish!? Isn't this furthering the rumors about his homosexuality.

On other news Miley's newest video "Who Owns my Heart" has sparked controversy. Nothing new here. She's just trying to make sure that Hannah stays dead and buried. Problem is that a HUGE CHUNK of her fanbase comes from HANNAH... I understand that she is growing up, but as I've said before: Cutting off Hannah Cold Turkey WILL hurt her career. She should've waited until she turned 18 before doing these "mature" videos. (and given enough time for Hannah Montana: Forever to "Officially" end... as in AFTER the first showing of the final Episode.)

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