Oct 8, 2010

odds and ends October 08, 2010

Spider-Man the Reboot has a Female lead...
Emma Stone will be Gwen Stacy Shame... That means that either She'll be tossed off the bridge, OR She'll have sex with Norman Osborn and THEN she'll be thrown off the bridge... I dunno, but she looks more like a Mary Jane rather than Gwen...

Johnny Depp... is so freaking AWESOME!! He went and helped a little girl raise a "mutiny" at her school. Thing is he did it dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow!
How Cool is that... Not having some dude dressed as Jack Sparrow come to your school, but having the REAL Captain Jack Sparrow come to your school.

Words cannot describe this video.

On other newsTeh Philipines are becoming hyperpatriotic Translation: Shirts with the Philipines flag or singing their national Anthem wrong could land you a fine or jail time... Damn!

Wait, what!?Ochocinco's cereal hooks you up for phone sex!? Long story short: Ochocinco has a children's charity and on his overpriced cereal you get a phone number that directs you to a sex line instead of said charity... Massive D'oh!

H opefully THIS will be a killer on CSI... The original one... The one that had Grissom... A Hotel with "death ray" sounds horror movierrific! but that's the magic of sunlight and hyper polished reflective surfaces.

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