Oct 27, 2010

Billy Ray's Achy Breaky Heart

Yup! That's Billy Ray Cyrus, commonly known as Miley's dad has an Achy Breaky Heart of his own. Yes, Miley's parent's filed for divorce. Irreconcilable differences they say. I predict Cyrus Custody battles, tell all books, etc. Good thing that Miley turns 18 pretty soon otherwise the Miley wars would've been long and tedious. I wonder if Miley's image change had something to do with the changes that led to the divorce... or what the divorce will do to the untameable Miley...

I don't know what to say. He lost his mullet, now he lost his wife... It seems that he only wants his Mullet back. Seriously though, I hope that the custody issues are dealt privately and as amicable as possible for the children's sake... (the remaining non-Miley Cyrus kids.)

I know that this is a tad short, but it caught me off guard... I was going to write a Halloween candy related article, but that'll wait. I wish the best for both Billy Ray and Tish.

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